03/2010 Alejandro Miniaci Guitar Loops feat. Cinnamonia - Album OUT NOW!


Recently released: "Remixes", the new CD from Argentinian guitar artist Alejandro Miniaci. This album features four collaborations between Alejandro and Cinnamonia, all of which are unreleased tracks with vocals by Sandra Barclay and instrumental arrangements by Thomas Köhler, as well as four tracks by Alejandro on his own. All material is based on existing tracks by Alejandro, thus the title "Remixes".

Two of the new tracks - "One Thousand Autumns" and "Hunter (Towering") - are brand new songs by Cinnamonia with Alejandro adding his guitar wizardry; two more tracks - "I know nothing" and "Let summer in" - are based on tracks by Alejandro heavily altered and recomposed by Cinnamonia (thanks, Alej, for letting us play around!). Please also take a look at the dedicated page on this website for exact tracklisting and more details!

The album is in CD-R format and is currently only available directly from Alejandro Miniaci via his website. Previews can be heard there as well as on Alejandro's Myspace site. Enjoy!


10/2007 "Songs In The Trees" - The new Cinnamonia album OUT on 19th OCTOBER!!

We are very happy to announce that the second album from Cinnamonia is finally released! Five years in the making, we hope that this long time of gestation has proved worthwhile. "Songs In The Trees" features 12 new songs from Sandra Barclay (vocals) and Thomas Köhler (instruments).

For those who know "The Scarlet Sea": the tracks on "Songs In The Trees" sound darker, more experimental and complex, but have gained in emotionality and depth while retaining their immediacy and beauty. "Songs in The Trees" also highlights Cinnamonia's ongoing interest in the mysterious, spiritual aspects of traditional English and Irish music; witness our version of "O'er the hills and far away", the archaic and disturbing "A Cold Eye", or "The Deer's Cry", which is sung in Gaelic and is based on a text allegedly written by St. Patrick of Ireland in the 5th century. On these pieces you will hear the voice of Irishman Chris Barclay, reciting the lyrics with his inimitable voice. Also guesting on "Songs in the Trees" is Italian singer and poet Sal Pichireddu, with whom we also share the Desvelos project. And like on the debut album, American guitarist Walter Parks accentuates our music with contributions on e-bow and other instruments. More information on the new album (tracklisting, full credits etc.) on the dedicated page here.

"Songs In The Trees" was produced, arranged, and recorded by Cinnamonia. Many thanks to Dimm Dölle who did the final mastering. To listen to some of the new tracks, go to our myspace site:

To celebrate the release of the new album, we have also re-designed the website. Hope you like what you see!

Latest addition: Cinnamonia's music new and old can now also be heard at Thanks to Sal for setting this up!