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This CD presents some of the first results of the on-going collaboration between Argentinian guitarist Alejandro Miniaci and Cinnamonia. The eight tracks of this remix album contain four re-worked compositions by Alejandro on his own, two tracks by Alejandro re-worked by Cinnamonia, and two new Cinnamonia tracks with guitar parts by Alejandro.

Tracklisting and Credits:

1 I know nothing
2 Let summer in
3 One of thousand autumns
4 Hunter towering

5 Ejection (remix)
6 Lo que podria haber sido (remix)
7 Replegarse (remix)
8 Ultima edicion del tiempo (remix)

Performed by:
Alejandro Miniaci (1-8)
Sandra Barclay (1-4)
Thomas Köhler (1-4)

Written by Alejandro Miniaci & Cinnamonia (1-4) and by Alejandro Miniaci (5-8).

Tracks 1-4 recorded at The Eastern Window, Summer 2009.
Tracks 5-8 recorded by Alejandro Miniaci.

Available directly from Alejandro Miniaci Guitar Loops.