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(Cinnamonia and Desvelos only)

___ cinnamonia


Songs in the Trees (QuiXote CD 59)

The Pulse of the Drum - Asphalt - Ashes and Prayers - Songs in the Trees - The Deer's Cry - Upon the Waves of Song - Faded - Seablind - A Cold Eye - A Sea Change - O'er the Hills and Far Away - The Wires are Humming

October 2007.

The Scarlet Sea (QuiXote CD 19)

Splendour - In the nick of time - Seaweed Days - At Giant's Causeway - Mona's Song - Song of the dark man - The brightest day - She moved thru the fair - Sunstream - Remnants of summer - The parting glass

November 2002.


"Twilight Time" (Higher and Higher - A Triibute to the Moody Blues, Mellow Records)

April 2006.

"His Returning" (Several Famous Orchestras Vol.3, Mark Rushton)

May 2003.

"Sunstream (original version)" (Progfever Vol.1, QuiXote CD 16)

October 2002.


Five Songs (CINpromCD001)

March 2002.

___ alejandro miniaci guitar loops

Remixes (DeepSonic DPSC4)

I know nothing - Let summer in - One of thousand autumns -
Hunter towering - Ejection (remix) - Lo que podria haber sido (remix) - Replegarse (remix) - Ultima edicion del tiempo (remix)



___ desvelos

"So hard to touch the sky- Full Cold Moon version" (Full Cold Moon - A Tribute to Jhonn Balance, www.darkwinter.com)

December 2004.

___ sandra barclay
CD e.p. :

Contributions to Compilations:

"Evolution error" (on Lärmbelästigung, free CD with magazine, 1998)

"Evolution error"/"Before my eyes" (on XPLIZIT, ABC-Roxxon, 1998)

Silence (Madrigal, 1998)

___ thomas köhler



The difficulty of being (Danse Macabre, 1992)

The waters and the wild (Strangeways, 1993)
The rainbow-coloured bride (Strangeways, 1997)

Contributions to Compilations:

"Slow motion" (on Somewhere in the Skeleton, Body Records, 1990)

"A call at dawn" (on Danse Macabre Sampler Vol.1, Danse Macabre, 1991)

"Coastline" (on Danse Macabre Sampler Vol.2, Danse Macabre, 1992)

"Time has passed in vain" (on Electrocity Vol.3, Ausfahrt, 1993)

"These years pass" (on The Ship II, Strangeways, 1994)

"An ideal age" (on Bouquet of Dreams Vol.2, Dark Star, 1994)

"The waters and the wild" (on Hymne an die Poesie, Weisser Herbst, 1995)

"Carrickfergus" (on Way 100, Strangeways, 1995)

Solstice Garden (Danse Macabre, 1991)