Here you can find information about other musicians who have contributed to Cinnamonia recordings. We would like to thank these musicians for their invaluable assistance and creative input, and for greatly improving our songs by this.

______ SAL PICHIREDDU (vocals)

Sal Pichireddu is of Sardic origin, but lives in Cologne. He is a poet, singer and music journalist. He is the author of "Desvelos", a cycle of 15 poems concerning self-exploration and change, grouped in four parts according to the four elements of Greek antiquity. Together with Cinnamonia, he forms the musical project also called Desvelos which adapts this poem cycle into a musical interpretation. Sal has also participated in Cinnamonia's "Songs In The Trees" album as a singer and lyricist.

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______ ROBERT FROST (electric and acoustic guitars) :

Of Californian origin, Robert has lived in the Northern Part of Germany for a while, but, after a sojourn at the sunny beaches, currently lives in England. Robert is a man who works in many areas: apart from being a gifted singer, composer and performer, he is also known as the author of a standard book on Applied Kinesiology and as a renowned healer versed in many fields of 'alternative' medicine. In his music he is especially concerned with "producing creative changes in the way men relate to women". Robert's musical work includes 2 CD's, Love Your Woman Tenderly (1996) and Songs of Goddess (2000).

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_______ WALTER PARKS (electric guitar and e-bow):

Walter is an active musician since his early youth. He is mostly known through his work with cellist Stephanie Walters as the duo THE NUDES, with whom he released three critically acclaimed albums. After the split-up of The NUDES Walter now continues his musical work as a solo artist . He has written with Robert Lamm of Chicago and has worked as a side-man for Leni Stern, Rachael Sage, and David Wilcox. He has recently released an ambient-oriented album in collaboration with clarinet player Amy Platt and percussionist Randy Crafton, Echoes from Within, recorded live in the special acoustic atmosphere of the famous Howe Caverns.

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_______ GERD WEYHING (electric and acoustic guitars):

Gerd started playing the guitar in his teens, doing complex improvised music even then. At 21, he lived in the Scottish Highlands for a while, which gave him the inspiration for writing "Sutherland", a three-part 55-minute composition inspired by the likes of Mike Oldfield and Magma. In 1997 he founded Brightness Falls, but he now plays with the band Drest Kalain. Gerd's current musical work, however, centres around his solo 'soundscape' music, i.e. long, slowly developing, ambiental guitar improvisations. These are featured on his CD The Inside World - Soundscapes III, released 2000. He is now working on a further album of soundscape music and other stuff, probably to be released by QuiXote Music in the near future. Gerd Weyhing currently lives in a small village in the Palatinate Forest, Southern Germany.

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